Big Opportunities in Wide Format = Growth

Smart printers are adding wide-format applications to grow sales with existing customers, strengthen customer relationships and generate additional revenue. They’re also investing in wide-format devices to expand growth, improve efficiency and add capacity. Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends recently surveyed more than 300 companies. Read the 5 key takeaways.

Applications that Wow! | Part 2

Guest blogger, Stacy Keenan, Graphics Applications Specialist at EFI, shares another example of an application that is sure to “Wow” your customers. Learn how to use white and clear inks with multilayer printing to create dynamic window graphics.

Продукция, которая восхищает!

Текстурная печать — это перспективная технология, которая всегда привлекает внимание. Попробуйте и посмотрите, как это улучшает изображение!