What? You haven’t added soft signage to your business yet?

Here’s a checklist for getting into this booming market fast. Lauren Blais | Sr. Global Product Marketing Manager, EFI Inkjet It’s time to seriously consider adding soft signage to your digital print business. Why? Because soft signage is expected to enjoy an 8% annual growth rate until 2018 (according to IT Strategies. For a great overview … Continue reading What? You haven’t added soft signage to your business yet?

EFI Airwaves: Director of Asia Pacific sales, Andy Yarrow

Our guest Andy Yarrow, EFI's Director of Asia Pacific sales, takes a look at the ever-expanding sphere of influence of the Fiery digital front ends from Tokyo to China and all points in the Asia Pacific. Tune in this Tuesday. https://www.spreaker.com/user/fieryglobaluniversity/efi-apac-andy-yarrow

All Things Fiery with Toby Weiss

Join EFI Senior Vice President Toby Weiss as he shares his thoughts about the Fiery® digital front end. As the general manager for the Fiery division of EFI, Toby brings a unique “from-the-top” perspective on the impact of the Fiery DFE on the world’s digital printing industry.   https://www.spreaker.com/user/fieryglobaluniversity/toby-weiss-all-things-fiery#

Soft signage could be your biggest opportunity for hard profits

Looking for new sources of revenue or higher margin applications? Look no further! Time to take a hard look at soft signage. Lauren Blais | Product Marketing Manager, Inkjet Solutions, EFI  If you’re in the wide- and superwide-format display graphics printing market, you know what’s going on. Shrinking margins from the commoditization of traditional UV inkjet graphics. … Continue reading Soft signage could be your biggest opportunity for hard profits

Simplify work for greater office and shop floor productivity

Kevin Blakey, Product Director, Radius, EFI Employee roles are too often tightly tied to experience and knowledge. If an estimator or scheduler goes on vacation (or retires!), most print and packaging companies don’t have an immediate replacement. It’s not a healthy situation especially as market expectations require you to respond faster and be more flexible … Continue reading Simplify work for greater office and shop floor productivity

Printing for Augmented Reality

New technology changing the future of print! Minprint helped W5 create an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience which is a new technology that superimposes computer generated images onto the real world, bringing CGI to life in front of your eyes! W5’s AR experience brings dinosaurs to life all around you, putting you right in the … Continue reading Printing for Augmented Reality

Business Builder LIVE! @ EFI Connect 2017

Aaron Tavakoli, Product Marketing, EFI Hard to believe but it’s that time of year already — next week the EFI user community will once again convene in Las Vegas for the annual EFI Connect User Conference. Connect 2016 was EFI’s largest conference ever, and 2017 promises to be even bigger with a Wednesday morning fireside between EFI … Continue reading Business Builder LIVE! @ EFI Connect 2017

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year; we can’t wait to kick off 2017 with you at #EFIConnect!

ES: Felices Fiestas y Próspero Año Nuevo Que los retos en 2017 se conviertan en oportunidades y que nuestra alianza sea sinónimo de éxito PT: Boas Festas & Feliz Ano Novo! Que os objetivos de 2017 se convertam em grandes oportunidades e que nossa parceria seja sinônimo de êxito.