Applications that Wow! Window Graphics

Guest blogger, Stacy Keenan, Graphics Applications Specialist at EFI, shares another example of an application that is sure to “Wow” your customers. Learn how to use white and clear inks with multilayer printing to create dynamic window graphics.

Don’t just transform your business. THERMOFORM IT!

Start you direct thermoforming transformation today. Lauren Blais | Sr. Global Product Marketing Manager, EFI Inkjet Like so many aspects of print, the thermoforming industry stands to benefit greatly from the analog-to-digital transformation. As we’ve seen with many other applications across the printing and packaging industries, this transformation presents opportunities for new players to add profitable … Continue reading Don’t just transform your business. THERMOFORM IT!

Printing for Augmented Reality

New technology changing the future of print! Minprint helped W5 create an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience which is a new technology that superimposes computer generated images onto the real world, bringing CGI to life in front of your eyes! W5’s AR experience brings dinosaurs to life all around you, putting you right in the … Continue reading Printing for Augmented Reality

Think Outside-the-Box

AES Creative loves printing unorthodox and out-of-the-box projects; Vanity Fair offered them an opportunity to push beyond their normal projects. Using their VUTEk® printers AES created over 300 prints that included billboards, floor graphics, window displays, signage, and decals. Color precision and reliability were key to choosing VUTEk for this print job. Printers: EFI VUTEk … Continue reading Think Outside-the-Box

Who You Gonna Call?

Thermoformed ghosts were created for the ICE Ghostbusters game. Several machines were used to make the ghost. The core of the “Ghostbusters” marquee begins with a 3/4 inch wood piece with affixed LEDs. DKM worked with thermoforming partner Plastic Systems for more than a year to get the external graphic just right. Printing: EFI VUTEk … Continue reading Who You Gonna Call?