Big Opportunities in Wide Format = Growth

Smart printers are adding wide-format applications to grow sales with existing customers, strengthen customer relationships and generate additional revenue. They’re also investing in wide-format devices to expand growth, improve efficiency and add capacity. Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends recently surveyed more than 300 companies. Read the 5 key takeaways.

Applications that Wow! | Part 2

Guest blogger, Stacy Keenan, Graphics Applications Specialist at EFI, shares another example of an application that is sure to “Wow” your customers. Learn how to use white and clear inks with multilayer printing to create dynamic window graphics.

Applications that Wow! | Part 1

Guest blogger, Stacy Keenan, Graphics Applications Specialist, EFI, shares an example of one application that is sure to “Wow” your customers. Textured printing is an up-and-coming technique that always attracts attention.

Capitalising on Creativity

The real key to success in print is in the creator, not the producer. What’s important is the skill, flexibility and adaptability of people to put you - and keep you - in the world of premium-margin applications. When you combine the right creativity with the right digital equipment and the right opportunities, you'll accelerate your success in today's evolving industry.

The Importance of Automated Media Handling as Production Inkjet Technology Gets Increasingly Faster

As inkjet printing technology gets progressively faster, the need for a more efficient and automated workflow increases – from faster job acquisition and file processing to more efficiently feeding media and offloading finished graphics to faster finishing by eliminating the need to move sheets when they go from press to cutter.

Why inline vs. offline cutting/slitting helps save lives

If you are searching for a superwide roll-to-roll printer and have narrowed the playing field down to a few key models, take a closer look at the value-added features offered with each printing system. Often times, there is lot more than meets the eye.

Get ready to roll

If your superwide hybrid printer is approaching capacity and more than half of the total output of your hybrid printer is roll-to-roll work, it may be time to consider a dedicated production-level, roll-to-roll printer. We’ll review the indicating factors and what to look for in a superwide roll-to-roll printer.

Max out your capability in 2018

If your multiple wide-format roll-to-roll printers are running at capacity or if you’re looking for new ways to grow, here are 5 reasons why it’s time to take a closer look at a production-level, superwide roll-to-roll printer.

Soft signage could be your biggest opportunity for hard profits.

Soft signage could be your biggest opportunity for hard profits. Looking for new sources of revenue or higher margin applications? Look no further! Time to take a hard look at soft signage. If you’re in the wide- and superwide-format display graphics printing market, you know what’s going on. Shrinking margins from the commoditisation of traditional UV inkjet graphics. Increased downward pricing pressures. Big demands for faster job turns.

What? You haven’t added soft signage to your business yet?

What? You haven’t added soft signage to your business yet? Here’s a checklist for getting into this booming market fast. It’s time to seriously consider adding soft signage to your digital print business. Why? Because soft signage is expected to enjoy an 8% annual growth rate until 2018 (according to IT Strategies). But how do you really know if soft signage is right for your business?