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  1. ability to move quickly and easily.

Why does a printer need to move quickly? What does today’s print landscape look like and how must print providers respond in order to remain current? Let’s take a look at these questions and explore the answers that will help you set your print standard and win more business.


The digital age of printing is here and it’s here to stay. Digital printing allows us to print on virtually any substrate with ease and in record time. This capability is driving the market space and what customers are demanding from their print provider; you must be able to meet these demands in this competitive landscape or risk losing business. Let’s take a look at some of the primary ways digital is driving business and how you as a printer can respond to meet these demands.

Personalization – More and more customers are asking for personalized content to drive an individual experience for their clients. Margins are shrinking and everyone competes on price, so how does a company stand out? Personalization.

On-demand – It’s no secret the internet has taken over our lives. Customers browse endlessly and want to be able to order from their phone, their laptop, or sitting on the couch in their pjs. Online generated business is poised to grow significantly, and you need to be able to provide that service in order to push aside the competition.

Shorter deliver times – In by 10 am out by 4 pm. More and more print providers are seeing an increase in same day deliveries. Your print production must be agile enough to handle these short runs and fast turnaround times in a manner that keeps your bottom line happy.

With all these demands knocking on the door of today’s printer, how is anyone going to stay ahead of the competition and turn a profit? Being agile and able to respond to customers’ needs is essential in today’s market space. What are some ways to ensure your business not only grows, but sets the standard for today’s printing?

  1. Know your business – Make sure you are strategic in your business decisions. Know your customers, understand who is profitable for you and who is not. Look deeper into your best customers and identify ways to replicate those relationships and identify key growth opportunities.
  2. Manage costs and price – Remove manual tasks, automate and get a handle on your costs. Ensure you understand every aspect of your business and how much each task costs you per job. Only then, can you truly achieve accurate estimating and ensure you are pricing jobs correctly. If you aren’t measuring it, you can’t manage it.
  3. Embrace technology – Today’s printer has a plethora of technology available to them that will help manage their business and provide solutions that will streamline your entire business end-to-end. From order acquisition through production, printing, and shipping each step in the process is captured, automated, and efficiently delivered to the next phase eliminating waste, errors, and increasing profits.

Printers are embracing the digital age and enhancing their business. Listen to how this printer has transformed their business in this short video.

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