Backlit Fabric and UV DO go together!

If you follow printing trends, fabric is what’s hot right now. However, there seems to be a lingering misconception that fabric is primarily for dye-sub only. Not so! If you own an EFI™ Wide Format or VUTEk® superwide printer, there are many fantastic options for UV-printable fabrics. Especially, for backlits.

Why use fabric for backlit? As mentioned above, it’s trending. Silicone edge graphic (SEG) signs are a popular option for retail graphics. Apple is one major retailer who has made the switch to SEG lightboxes. It’s a much different look—frameless graphics with a matte finish.

Another reason is that fabric is a good option for larger lightbox installations. Since some fabrics are available in up to 3- and 5-meter rolls, it means having a solution in your substrate arsenal that can cover more height and distance. The graphic is tensioned across the frame, so there is no sagging, wrinkling or visible seams. This makes fabric a great option for airports, trade shows and other markets in which large lightboxes are the norm.

The most compelling reason is that all of EFI’s backlit multi-layer techniques can be used on fabric to ensure your graphic is colorful and stunning. Want to print a day/night graphic? Done. Want to create a dual day/night graphic? No problem. Need to double-hit some reds and blacks for extra richness? We’ve got you covered!

Here are some links to backlit materials to get you started:

Then, check out our Applications that WOW! resources page to learn how to perfect EFI’s backlit multi-layer printing techniques and more advanced applications. You’ll find video tutorials, application technique tips, and the must-have Ultimate Guide to White, Clear and Multi-layer Applications.

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