Well not really, but it will help you save on time, costs and labor.

So you’ve now narrowed your search for a superwide roll-to-roll printer down to a few key models that can produce the image quality your customer require at the production level speeds you need without sacrifice, and it’s not going to break the bank every month. Then what? Many manufacturers offer value-added features that offer a lot more than meets the eye.

It’s all in the details

Let’s take a look at inline cutting and slitting versus offline, for example. With inline cutting/slitting, you don’t necessarily need an additional cutting/finishing machine. Your CFO will be thanking you for taking it easy on the CAPEX spend. It also means less floor space needed to finish all the output coming off your new addition, or freed up floor space if you can eliminate a cutting station. And you don’t have to add labor for cutting or slitting. One operator is all that’s needed to print and cut.

A single platform with inline cutters and adjustable slitters will allow you to maximize the print space on every roll with edge-to-edge printing. Simply adjust the slitters anywhere they are needed on the roll and, then, cut. Less wasted media, more efficient production and a very simple process.

Oh, and there’s this cool little ID Backprint option available, so the operator need only roll the media. This nifty little printing device prints file information on the rear of the media, facilitating the identification of the finished job for packing, shipping, and installation. Printed data includes file ID, printing date and time, print mode, copy number, and more. It saves time during installation of the printed job, eliminates the need for manual labeling and helps prevent shipping errors. Pretty neat!

Watch this video to see what Laszlo Baron, CEO of Beflex, Budapest, Hungary, thinks about the value-added options on his VUTEk 5r superwide roll-to-roll printer.

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