Important New Tax Incentives Could Help Grow Your Business

If you are considering purchasing or leasing new or used equipment or software before the end of the year, you need to know about important changes to the Section 179 Tax Deduction and how it can benefit your business.

Applications that Wow! Window Graphics

Guest blogger, Stacy Keenan, Graphics Applications Specialist at EFI, shares another example of an application that is sure to “Wow” your customers. Learn how to use white and clear inks with multilayer printing to create dynamic window graphics.

Big Opportunities in Wide Format = Growth

Smart printers are adding wide-format applications to grow sales with existing customers, strengthen customer relationships and generate additional revenue. They’re also investing in wide-format devices to expand growth, improve efficiency and add capacity. To learn more, Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends recently surveyed more than 300 companies. Read the 5 key takeaways.

Applications that Wow! Textured Printing

Guest blogger, Stacy Keenan, Graphics Applications Specialist, EFI, shares an example of one application that is sure to “Wow” your customers. Textured printing is an up-and-coming technique that always attracts attention.

Capitalizing on Creativity

The real key to success in print is in the creator, not the producer. What's important is the skill, flexibility and adaptability of people to put you - and keep you - in the world of premium-margin applications. When you combine the right creativity with the right digital equipment and the right opportunities, you'll accelerate your success in today's evolving industry.

The Importance of Automated Media Handling as Production Inkjet Technology Gets Increasingly Faster

As inkjet printing technology gets progressively faster, the need for a more efficient and automated workflow increases – from faster job acquisition and file processing to more efficiently feeding media and offloading finished graphics to faster finishing by eliminating the need to jog sheets when they go from press to cutter.

Büyüleyici Uygulamalar! | Duvar kaplamasında dokulu baskı

EFI'de Grafik Uygulamaları Uzmanı olan konuk blog yazarı Stacy Keenan, EFI’nin çok katmanlı ve beyaz mürekkep teknolojisini kullanarak üretilen duvar kaplamasında dokulu efekt örneğini paylaşıyor.

Produkty z efektem WOW! | Nadruk ze struktuą na tapetach

Blogerka, Stacy Keenan, Graphics Applications Specialist, EFI, podaje przykłady wykorzystania technologii EFI do druku wielowarstwowego z wykorzystaniem tuszu białego do tworzenia efektu faktury na tapetach.

Toepassingen die IMPONEREN! | Structuren afdrukken in muurdecoraties

Gastblogger Stacy Keenan, Graphics Applications Specialist, EFI, deelt een voorbeeld van het gebruik van de meerlagige EFI-technologie met witte inkt voor het produceren van structuureffecten in muurdecoraties.

Applicazioni sorprendenti! | Stampa con texture su rivestimenti per pareti

La guest blogger Stacy Keenan, Graphics Applications Specialist presso EFI, presenta un esempio di utilizzo della tecnologia multistrato e con inchiostro bianco di EFI per produrre effetti con texture sui rivestimenti per pareti.

Aplicaciones que causan sensación | Impresión con texturas para revestimiento de paredes

Nuestra bloguera invitada Stacy Keenan, especialista en aplicaciones gráficas de EFI, comparte con nosotros un ejemplo de textura para revestimiento de paredes creada con la tecnología de tinta blanca y multicapa de EFI.

Anwendungen, die BEGEISTERN! | Texturdruck auf Wandbekleidungen

Gastbloggerin Stacy Keenan, Graphics Applications Specialist bei EFI, zeigt ein weiteres Beispiel der Mehrschicht- und Weißdrucktechnologie von EFI, um Textureffekte auf Wandbekleidungen zu erzeugen.

Applications spectaculaires | Impression texturée sur revêtement mural

Stacy Keenan, spécialiste des applications graphiques d’EFI et blogueuse invitée, partage un exemple d’utilisation de la technologie d’impression multicouche et d’encre blanche d’EFI pour produire des effets texturés sur un revêtement mural.